We represent many of the biggest names and widely known brands in U.S. retail.
Our merchandising managers have expertise in the requirements, standards and procedures specific
to each customer account.
  • South America Toy and Sporting Goods Business
    A South America Trading Company with branch office in Guangzhou which selling the toys and sporting goods to their South America customers come to us as our expertise can help them to manage their supply chain. Then in June 2017, we have started to handover their business and by the end of the year, customer dissolved their Guangzhou office and fully transferred their business to SVI from 2018. For this customer whom buy from South and North China for many years and , SVI provided the professional & high efficient service to help the customer to control well their supplier chain from order management, inspection, testing, new development, sourcing, showroom setup, customers meeting etc, and made the punctual delivery with good quality to the customer and created the good order purchase value of $22M during 2018.
  • Major Office Supplier
    A leader in office supplies came to us with an existing program of purchases valued at over $2.5 million annually at factory cost (which they had been buying for more than 2 years). Within 30 days, we were able to deliver cost savings up to 22%. By now, their dedicated team in SVI increased from 1 to 12 people and still recruiting more, and purchase value has increased to $40 million.
  • Cookware Leader
    A company in the cookware industry had just received orders from Kohls and Target, but their main supplier could not pass the factory requirements for these retailers. We sent our audit team to their existing supplier and did our own audit evaluations. Within 90 days, the factory was able to qualify for both retailers’ requirements. We are now placing millions of dollars annually to this factory and growing the business by more than 30% a year.
  • E-Cigarette Manufacturer
    A startup company in the E-cigarette business came to us looking to set up an operation in China to support explosive growth. Although we had never worked in this field before, we found relevant engineers, taste testers, QC inspectors and merchandisers to support the development and production needs, and went to work on a vendor strategy. Within 3 years, the company was producing tens of millions of units annually and our factories have never missed a ship date.